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Divorce Consulting

Using her forty years of experience as a litigator and mediator, Martha Bourne refocuses her legal training on assisting those who seek information about divorce and its consequences. “Everyone needs to be aware of how the law touches daily life,” says Martha. Actions one takes today might require legal action tomorrow.

Many of Martha’s former clients appreciated her ability to help them understand the complicated divorce process. Martha will continue to perform this service for those who are contemplating divorce and want to understand what lies ahead.

Educating clients was a major part of my past practice,” says Martha, "and I strongly believe everyone should know what they are getting into before they set foot in the courthouse. Also, many people need help making a decision about what's best for them and their children. I can help them review their options.

Martha Bourne

Analyzing Cases

Martha works with attorneys, both in family law cases and other fields of law, to analyze overlapping legal issues in complex fact situations. Sometimes it is helpful to have feedback from other disciplines. As a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist in Texas, Martha will continue to use her expertise as a consultant to attorneys.

Awards and Recognitions

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Martha Bourne

David A. Gibson Award of Excellence

Martha is a Mississippi native who graduated with honors from Mississippi State College for Women. After marriage and two children came along, she went back to law school at South Texas College of Law, graduating in 1981. Keeping up with current law is extremely important, so Martha has availed herself in all manner of postgraduate legal education as evidenced by her affiliations.

Martha was honored as the 2020 Recipient of the David A Gibson Award of Excellence by her peers in Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists.

You may reach her at:


26 Phellos Court
Little Rock, AR 72223

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